Writers in Art: Anton Chekhov by Osip Braz

Anton Chekhov, 1898

Anton Chekhov, 1898, by Osip Braz.

10 thoughts on “Writers in Art: Anton Chekhov by Osip Braz

    • I initially wasn’t sure but, prompted by your comment, I did a quick bit of further research. The post has been changed to reflect the painter: Osip Braz.


      • Thanks, maedez. It is a really good portrait. I am always curious about the artist. I researched a name I could barely make out on a tiny little painting I have and saw that he made many little paintings and several of them have the same little green pot in them.


      • I think so, too. I love that your little painting artist has a trademark. What is his name? I am just curious. Many artists put the same thing in all of their paintings, like John Stobart with his whiskey bottle.


      • His name was V. Weley, maedez. You might see that little green pottery bottle in a few paintings in a Google search. I have a few things I have used more than once.


      • I will definitely do a search of his work, as I am intrigued. Are you willing to share the things you’ve done more than once, or is it a secret we must figure out for ourselves? 🙂


  1. I agree with Vickie: although I know Chekhov is better known for his plays and as a playwright, I feel obligated to like them or at least know them. But I prefer his short stories. They are more off-the-wall and break all the rules.


    • Chekhov is one of my favourite playwrights AND short story writers. His work is sublime. His contribution to the modernization of theatre is incalculable, and his short stories are phenomenal.


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