[Book Nerd Miscellany] Anne Brontë/Patti Smith

Anne Brontë’s Updated Gravestone [courtesy BBC]

10 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Miscellany] Anne Brontë/Patti Smith

  1. I think Patty did some photography recently of dead writers’ rooms. She is very reverent of the past and objects that have significance, no matter how simple. She is such a genuine person; I would love to meet her someday. Thanks, maedez.


  2. LOVE this! The house is fascinating, and it is utterly cool that Patti Smith would do a benefit concert there.

    Also loved how the clip ended, with the couple dancing outside on the cobblestone street, in the dark.


    • I love Patti and all of the Bronte ladies, so it is a mix that makes sense to me! I have enjoyed all of their novels, to one degree or another. I like Jane Eyre but prefer Villette.


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