[Love at First Site] National Geographic Found

Found is the new, official online archive blog of National Geographic, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Be warned. As with everything I showcase on Love at First Site, the content is mesmerizing. History pours forth from the photographs with a kinetic, moving vibrancy. Fortunately for your time management needs, Found is in its early stages. I plan on checking back often. Will you?

6 thoughts on “[Love at First Site] National Geographic Found

      • No kidding!

        Speaking of female inspiration from days gone by, have you ever come across a British woman by the name of Victoria Kingsley (I think) who lived around the mid 1880s? She travelled the world without an escort and wrote extensively about botany. I think a book was written about her in the late 1980s-early 1990s, but – for the life of me! – I can’t find it. Considering all that I just told you may be incorrect, have you ever come across anything resembling this woman?


      • Well, with such concrete info to go on…haha, I honestly don’t know! I mean, the basic outline of her life sounds familiar. Then again, there were some truly remarkable Victorian women so I could be thinking of someone else entirely. Maybe between the two of us we can track down proof that such a woman existed.


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