Daily Diversion #93: Dogs Are Love

Dogs are love. It is as simple as that. I defy you to look at Crosley and tell me otherwise.

My freckle-snouted cutie

My freckle-snouted cutie.

Cros warms my feet as I am writing, and fills my heart with love 24-hours a day.

18 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #93: Dogs Are Love

      • She is named wholesale after the French ballerina. You may call her Z or Zizi. 🙂 Musette is an awesome name for a pet, especially a skunk.


      • If I ever get the two little dogs I would like to have, their names will be Peony and Basel. Names are terribly important. By the way, I am addressing this to Duncan, Crosley and Zizi.


      • Well, for those names – Basel and Peony – they really should be pugs but I prefer Pomeranians or Norwich terriers. But it won’t happen – I have had two beloved dogs in my life and it is very hard to lose them. Also we travel long distances from one place to another and live in the desert, so there are very practical concerns about owning dogs. Plus my beloved is not a dog person (and yet we remain married).


      • It doesn’t sound practical for you to have pets right now, but maybe one day the time will be right in every way? After all, they have names waiting for them. Fortunately, The Chef and I both love dogs and cats. We will always have furry ones running about.


      • Right now I have a furry guy running around – certainly this writer will get a kitty someday as they are quite necessary to the process – for blotting, brushing away eraser crumbs, etc.


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