Counting Down to Our Burns Night Supper, Part Three: Scottish Libations

This morning, The Chef made a trip to the party store to pick up what he calls Produce of Scotland, which is a crucial component of our Burns Night Supper. Although we will also serve wine, beer, and miscellaneous alcohol, next to these lovelies they matter not.

Produce of Scotland

Produce of Scotland. Photo by The Chef.

The McClelland’s, although not our favourite, is perfect for the Scotch Tasting event: there’s a Lowland, a Highland, and an Islay. The wee bottles of Glenfiddich are the Toasting Contest Prize. The Glenrothes on the right is just because. The Botanist Gin on the left is for the odd person who isn’t into whisky but still wants to enjoy a sip of sweet Scotland’s finest.

15 thoughts on “Counting Down to Our Burns Night Supper, Part Three: Scottish Libations

    • We have such a great time every year, and so do our friends. My husband, who is a chef, is in charge of the food. He is doing neeps and his famous Fauxgis, which is his modified take on haggis that won’t freak people out. Most of our friends aren’t that adventurous. We always have plenty of disappearing Scotch around, but had to bring in extra supplies because of the large number of guests we are expecting. Have a great time at your party!


    • Haha, thanks! It is a lot of whisky, but it is for a Burns Night Supper! That is our excuse. Today we bought the rest of the libations: Scottish beer, a few bottles of wine, soda. We also have gin and vodka.


  1. Question: Do these people pay some sort of entry fee to join your spectacular supper? If not then do they compensate you in any way like by bringing food or something? I feel like you and the Chef are doing so much and putting in so much time/effort into it!


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