Banned Book Trading Cards

Banned Book Trading Cards (courtesy of Flavorwire)

8 thoughts on “Banned Book Trading Cards

    • There are, to this day, way too many books that are ‘challenged’ in America. Usually at a school level, but sometimes at a public library level. It is absurd. I do not think that any book should be challenged let alone banned (if you don’t like it, don’t freaking read it/let your kid read it), but some of the books that are questioned are so innocuous that it almost defies belief.


      • I know, right? I happen to find the shit writing in Fifty Shades of Grey deeply offensive, but I have no desire to stop others from reading it if that’s what they want.


      • Ha – that reminds me of the observation a NY Times book critic once made about “The DaVinci Code”. He said he refused to read it because it was a violation of his faith. Not his faith in the Catholic church, but his faith in the English language.


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