Daily Diversion #42: Dublin Will Be Written in My Heart*

It’s no secret that the Daily Diversion series features visual slices from the non-writing part of my life. Naturally, the photographs are always original Maedezs. I’m making an exception today-a magnificent exception.

My sweet, fierce, and always inspiring momma is on the first day of a five-week solo backpacking journey across Ireland and England. When she confided her vacation plans to me a year ago-a little breathless, but terribly excited-I saw her as I have always seen her, since I was a wee girl: as a passionate, committed, creative, free-spirited, positive woman. Any fearlessness I possess, is because of her. Any single-mindedness. Any ability to see beauty in the finite or the infinite or to see possibility in all things, however graceful or raw. It’s all because of her.

Her adventure starts in Dublin.

Terrace View. Dublin, Ireland.

Terrace View. Dublin, Ireland.

*”When I die Dublin will be written in my heart.”-James Joyce

Scene from Dublin, Ireland.

Scene from Dublin, Ireland.

Both photos are courtesy of my mom, Kay.

7 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #42: Dublin Will Be Written in My Heart*

  1. I should have known your Mother was an adventuress. Her 5 month backpacking trip is an inspiration and I look forward to hearing about it. Dublin is a wonderful place to start!


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