Writer Food From A To Z

Writer Food From A To Z, courtesy of THE AWL.

10 thoughts on “Writer Food From A To Z

  1. I’ve made my B.e D. and now I’m going put an X in it, and then X rate it.

    Wittgenstein said, “I don’t mind what I eat as long as it’s the same thing every day.” Or something close to that. My guess is, it’s probably close to Einstein’s idea that if he had seven suits exactly the same, one for each day of the week, he wouldn’t waste mental energy thinking about what to wear.

    Looking at N, I’m a fan of J.M. Coetzee. That man is a master of economy, especially in his later books, DISGRACE, YOUTH,SLOW MAN, ELIZABETH COSTELLO and SUMMERTIME, which is genius as a get-out-of-self-indulgence free card. He’s brilliant.


    • The Wittgenstein quote is intriguing. I was like that as a kid. As an adult, I am a very adventurous eater but I have extremely disordered eating habits. It means that I am not always fun to live with, at least not at meal time. My husband, who is a chef, really suffers for it sometimes.

      J.M. Coetzee is on a shortlist of writers I need to give a second chance. I read Elizabeth Costello 7 or 8 years ago. It was a weird experience because, although I liked everything about it separately, I was terribly unsatisfied with the whole experience. It put me off him for awhile.


      • I come from a foodie family, so I cook a little, and I love foods that scare many people, brains, et al; or eat all.

        J.M Coetzee is great. Elizabeth Costello might not have been the best introduction. I recommend the controversial DISGRACE or YOUTH.


      • We are big foodies, too. I was actually strictly veg for a decade, which made me more of an adventurous eater. My husband is a chef who has worked in some far flung places. He’s eaten things that would make Andrew Zimmern pride, whereas I have a few limits. I’ll try most things at least once, but I am very disordered with how much/when/where/why I will eat.

        I believe in giving good writers a second shot, even if I’m not very enthused the first time. I’ll add those books to my list. Maybe they will do the trick.


  2. That was a fun read. I am a bit eccentric when it comes to food, so I get it. Liver sausage sandwich sounds gross, though! That photo of Emily with the loaf of bread cracked me up! 😀


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