A Year in Books/Day 197: Me of Little Faith

  • Title: Me of Little Faith
  • Author: Lewis Black
  • Year Published: 2008 (Riverhead Books)
  • Year Purchased: 2010
  • Source: Clearance rack, unknown bookstore
  • About: During the 90 minutes it took to read Me of Little Faith, I did so with Lewis Black’s voice in my head. It was like a book-on-tape experience without the tape part. Or disc, as this isn’t 1984. If you’ve ever seen Black do, well, anything, you know what to expect from his religious diatribe/angry memoir. It reads like one of his stand-up routines, which is a good thing: he’s witty, smart, articulate, inappropriate, honest and decidedly on-point about nearly everything he touches. Unless you disagree with him, in which case you’ll find this book, and my review of it, a miserable read. I think he’s hilarious and intelligent, and my mom thinks he’s hot (see below). What more do you need? Oh, you’re still here? I’ll give you 4 more words before I shut this baby down: he can write, too.
  • Motivation: I bought this book for my mom, because she has a crush on its author. A major crush. Hard-core. I’ve thought of starting a Facebook page titled “Lewis Black, please go out on a date with my Mom (because you’d probably get lucky).” Anyway, I should have known that she’d have a copy. Maybe I secretly wanted it for myself? Not him. The book. Maybe I secretly wanted the book for myself. Are we clear?
  • Times Read: 1
  • Random Excerpt/Page 3: “So why am I writing a book on religion? I wish I could tell you that God had appeared to me and commanded that I reveal unto the peoples of the earth all of his mysteries and that I was the Antichrist. (Now that’s a cash cow waiting to happen.) But the Antichrist wouldn’t write a book. He’d have a reality show and all sorts of digital downloads and he’d leave mind-altering messages on cell phones.”
  • Happiness Scale: 9

4 thoughts on “A Year in Books/Day 197: Me of Little Faith

  1. My two favorite philosophers on life today are Ron White and
    Lewis Black. Wonder if there is anything to the relationship of their last names? Anyway, thanks for sharing!


    • I’ve liked Lewis Black from the first. It took a little while for Ron White to grow on me. I assumed that I wouldn’t like him, until I actually caught a few minutes of his act on television. I had to revise my totally biased opinion.


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