A Reading List a Mile Long: Daedalus Books Midsummer 2012 Edition, Part I

After re-arranging my studio, and putting the overflow stock neatly on shelves, I discovered that I have room for about 15 more books. Does this mean that I will stop buying them? Not a chance. They will probably be stacked waist-high on the floor within a year, but I promise to attempt restraint. (If it wasn’t for the library and generous family and friends, it would be much worse.) Thankfully, I receive a few book catalogs a month. I enjoy fantasy shopping in them, much as I did with toy flyers when I was a child. If something looks really compelling, I pull out my trusty reading journal and jot down the title and author on my “To Read” list. New books are added quicker than I can cross off old ones, but that is part of the joy of keeping such a record.

The Daedalus Books New Arrivals Midsummer 2012 catalog has so many interesting offerings that I have decided to split my greedy, greedy pickings in two. Here’s Part 1. Enjoy!


  • The Great Life Photographers by The Editors of Life (photography)
  • Hemingway Cutthroat by Michael Atkinson (mystery)
  • Schools of Tomorrow by John & Evelyn Dewey (education/society)
  • How to Mellify a Corpse: And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science and Superstition by Vicki Leon (history)
  • Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn by Martha Gellhorn (history)
  • Kafka’s Soup: A Complete History of World Literature in 14 Recipes by Mark Crick (literature)
  • A Blue Hand: The Beats in India by Deborah Baker (literature)
  • Rules of Civility: A Novel by Amor Towles (fiction)
  • A World Without Bees by Allison Benjamin & Brian McCallum (nature/science)
  • She Always Knew How Mae West, A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler (performing arts/biography)
  • The Art of Small Things by John Mack (visual arts)


5 thoughts on “A Reading List a Mile Long: Daedalus Books Midsummer 2012 Edition, Part I

  1. Who needs bookshelves when you can artfully stack your books on any available surface (I don’t know how to make these links prettier, sorry):

    But maybe that’s just my excuse for not buying another bookshelf. Anyway, happy reading!


    • I love the idea, especially when they are as neat as in those photographs. I’ve even tried it before but with steadily deteriorating results. It starts out neat before becoming an intolerable mess. I have a hard enough time keeping my studio neat for working purposes without adding that level of anarchy to the mix! 🙂 I do currently have a stack of books living between two cases. It only works because they are hemmed in and cannot spill out into chaos.


      • Haha, uh oh… I actually have never tried it before but was inspired by the photos and thought “yeah, screw spending money on bookshelves!” I can totally see it becoming a mess, especially in my hands. Then again, my books currently live in boxes, so it would still be better than that…


      • I’ve only ever done it by accident, when I buy too many books to fit on my shelves. It always starts out neat then becomes a disaster. My books are always the first thing I unpack after a move. I am not myself unless I am surrounded by them!


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