A Year in Books/Day 21: Stanislavski A Biography

  • Title: Stanislavski A Biography
  • Author: Jean Benedetti
  • Year Published: 1988/This Edition 1990 (A Routledge Book)
  • Year Purchased: 1992/1993
  • Source: The Book Harbor, Columbus
  • About: An exhaustive account of the theatrical genius’ influential life.
  • Motivation: I was a theatre student and, as an extension of my great love for the nation’s literature, infatuated with all things Russian.
  • Times Read: 3
  • Random Excerpt/Page 106: “The enthusiasm, the passions which the production aroused were unprecedented. Stanislavski experienced in full measure that electric flow of energy which passes from stage to auditorium and back not only when the
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    performance is exciting but when ideas, feelings and convictions are shared.”

  • Happiness Scale: 10