Love at First Site: HENRYBESTON.COM

The Outermost House by Henry Beston is my favourite work of nonfiction. Reading it changed my life. Rereading it changed my life. One day I’ll write a great big lovely essay about its impact on my thinking and being and attitude. Until then, curious people can check out the fabulous

This fun and informative site is the perfect gateway into the life and works of the only writer to have a real literary impact on the great Rachel Carson. It also provides information about Beston’s wife, the writer Elizabeth Coatsworth, and their many years of partnership.

Love at First Site: Awesome People Reading

I’m utterly fascinated by photographs of people reading. Always have been-well, as far back as I remember. For me, life is largely about words: it’s no wonder that I love reading culture in all of its odd facets. On the flip side, I have a history of becoming temporarily addicted to a newly discovered Tumblr blog. I’ll read the entire archive in one sitting, rapturously inform my husband of this new pet favourite like the nerd-girl I am, only to forget about it for months, if not years, to come. Today, I make this pledge: the cycle stops now, with Awesome People Reading.

Go here to find out why. You can thank me later.

Lillian Gish Reads (A Romance of Happy Valley, 1919)

Lillian Gish Reads (A Romance of Happy Valley, 1919). From  Awesome People Reading.

Love at First Site: Small Demons Storyverse

I have a head for data and a mind that is always ravenously hungry for more: more facts, figures, dates, trivia, all kinds of minutia. Anything that is adjacent or related to what I am thinking, reading, writing, or doing. I collect it all: people, quotes, historical tidbits, pop culture ephemera. As soon as I discovered Small Demons, I knew that it would feed my intellectual gluttony, perfectly and obsessively.

I actually feel a bit shorted right now, as I am taking time away from the Small Demons Storyverse to tell you all about the Small Demons Storyverse. Time that I could be spending immersed in the Small Demons Storyverse. Got it, dear readers? It is a sacrifice I am making only because I love you, and think that you should know about this amazing site. I am going to keep it brief. You can use your new knowledge and run off to discover things for yourselves. To wit, their tagline is: the people, places and things from books, and everywhere they can take you. GO THERE NOW. You are welcome!

PS-You can make your own storyboards.