ISSUE EIGHT [R]evolving Research: Accidents Happen

This was an off week. Last Tuesday, I had an accident at my day job (not my fault, for what that’s worth). Complicated research was not exactly at the top of my mind, but I managed to do a considerable amount of relevant reading. My new website, Alternative Muses, which is dedicated to J, also went live. If you haven’t checked it out since then or at all, I’ve fleshed it out a lot.


  • VICTORY: Not getting a concussion AND still being able to read for hours on end whilst stuck in bed.
  • HAPPY DISCOVERY: I lost out on a great e-book deal last week because I forgot to order it in time. I snapped it up a few days ago for 50% off the other already-fantastic price.
  • FRUSTRATION: Not being able to move enough to go upstairs to my studio.
  • CURRENTLY READING: Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression by Studs Terkel. Almost finished. I also started a couple of new books. I’ll cover those in upcoming issues.

Until next time!

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