[Fashion in Art] Illustration by Pierre Brissaud

Fashion Illustration by Pierre Brissaud (April 1914)

2 thoughts on “[Fashion in Art] Illustration by Pierre Brissaud

  1. The dog seems out of place, but the rest is rather exquisite. The artist did a nice job of capturing the texture/print of the woman’s outfit and accessories caught in the wind. And, the wind is further depicted in the other smaller figures hanging onto their hats in the background. The passage is just a tad claustrophobia-inducing.


    • I agree that it is a bit claustrophobic (although that doesn’t stop me from wanting to jump right into the image!). My favorite part is definitely her outfit/general look, so the illustrator accomplished his mission. As for the dog, he looks a bit lost. He does kind of seem like space filler, doesn’t he? At least he is a cutie. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your astute observations. Cheers!


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