Writers in Art: Eleanor Anne Porden

Eleanor Anne Porden by Mary Ann Flaxman

Eleanor Anne Porden by Mary Ann Flaxman

2 thoughts on “Writers in Art: Eleanor Anne Porden

  1. Of course I had to look her up, and I was surprised to see she was married to explorer John Franklin! (Franklin has been much talked about here in Canada with the discovery of a lost ship.)

    As for Eleanor, her poetry is beautiful and smart. I’m glad to have met another poet through your site. 🙂


    • Yes, she was his first wife! She died young, and a short while later he married one of her good friends.
      Franklin and the ship have made the news a bit here, too, although that’s not why I posted this.
      You know how much I love “introducing” people to dead writers, especially dead lady writers. I’m glad you like her poetry.

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