It’s My Birthday!

I’m not sure what The Chef and I are doing today, but it’s certainly not going to involve (real) blogging.

Here’s a link to my fave birthday post, from 2012.

See you tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday!

    –>”not going to involve (real) blogging.”

    Might it involve some unreal blogging? If so, I do expect to hear a report.

    Have fun!


  2. And, from the worst Aunt ever!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I was on vaca with the kids and your birthday didn’t top our list – so sorry. If it makes you feel better, we were having cocktails on the deck 🙂


    • Cocktails on the deck totally count! And never fear: Lauree picked up the slack and made me my fave mint chocolate brownies and surprised me with them at mom’s work.


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