Across the Globe with Issue Five.

I am proud, delighted, and honored to be included in this wonderful issue, which revolves around the theme of culture. My contribution is “Correspondence on Culture: There is Such Beauty in Doing Your Own Thing,” but everything in this month’s edition is worth your time. Thanks!

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Well, here it is folks. 

Despite the world’s best efforts, Issue Five of The Paperbook Collective is here for your viewing pleasure! 

Without further ado…




The Paperbook Collective Issue Five 2013


The Paperbook Collective Issue Five 2013


It has been an absolute honour and a privilege, once again, to be entrusted with the publishing of such incredible work.

I am continually amazed at the diversity of work that is submitted each month, no two pieces are the least alike. It has been wonderful to see how people have interpreted the ‘Culture’ theme, I have had a fascinating insight into some incredible cultural phenomenon’s across the globe.

It has been quite a difficult week for me over here in my little corner of the globe, but I am thrilled to finally publish the very last issue of The Paperbook Collective for 2013.


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4 thoughts on “Across the Globe with Issue Five.

  1. Thanks again for another wonderful piece 🙂
    It has been wonderful reading your writing each month as you submit, thanks for being involved in The Paperbook Collective. I hope to see more of your stuff in 2014!
    Happy holidays 🙂


    • Aw, thanks! I appreciate you including it in another fantastic issue. I definitely will submit something in the new year. Maybe not January (unless a great idea comes to mind), but certainly sooner rather than later! Thanks again for having me. 🙂


  2. I really enjoyed this, especially your thoughts about creating and “hurling ideas” then going into the kitchen to do the dishes.

    I also laughed at the thought of neighbours peeking through the curtains and what they might see! How many times have I glanced up at the dust on my books or a spider web in the corner of the ceiling and think, “I must get to that”, but don’t, struggling instead with a difficult paragraph.


    • Thanks! I think that, even today, most creative women (to a much, much larger extent than our male counterparts) have to juggle so many responsibilities. The act of putting our art first must be a deliberate choice, and one that we must make with enough frequency for us to actually accomplish things.

      Our next door neighbor is an artist, and I still worry about him seeing dust bunnies in my downstairs corridor! However, I will choose writing over cleaning most of the time (and every single time if I am in the middle of an electric bit of creativity).


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