Happy [American] Thanksgiving!


The Flapper Magazine, Thanksgiving 1922 Issue

Billie Dove on the cover of The Flapper Magazine, Thanksgiving 1922 Issue

36 thoughts on “Happy [American] Thanksgiving!

  1. What a great picture:) She was certainly fabulous. We are going to a cousin’s house (tradition) today, but we, vegetarians (amazingly there are a lot of us in this family), don’t eat much of the food. LOL We have potato things and salad and veggies (sometimes), and bread, if there is any. But no dead birds, gravy, stuffing or anything else with animal products. I admit that seeing the platter of turkey, with the little wings and legs makes me feel bad. The family (not my side…I hardly have a side…LOL) is broken up this year, with people spread out in different states, but we always have fun together. An American holiday. Just another reminder of how we treated the Native Americans. Sigh. We ate together then we started killing them. I don’t think they are celebrating the fact that they met us. They sure can’t be thankful that we came along and started destroying them and the country. Anyway, I just baked the cakes and they are waiting to be frosted. Have a lovely day.


    • I’ve always loved this photo. It is so much fun. I was veg (and vegan for awhile, too) for a decade, and still eat meat only sparingly. Side dishes have always been my favourite, and pie! Give me Brussels Sprouts or broccoli, a piece of bread, some mashed potatoes, and a piece of pie (and a drink or two) and I am all set. πŸ™‚ When I was actively veg, my grandma always made me a small dish of meatless dressing. She is the best! How did your cake turn out, and what did you make?


  2. Instead of turkey, we had steak…it’s what we had! I should have read the BETTY CROCKER Illustrated Cookbook better….mayby OUR PIES would have come less watery! It all tasted really good, though. Isn’t Boxer Day somewhere around our Thanksgiving? Or you could celebrate Chanucka!!! πŸ™‚ My best regards to your other half!!!!!!


      • Thanks I did (hanging out with a parent right now/made a really simple but delicious meal this year). How was yours, did you guys make something amazing? πŸ™‚


      • Simple and delicious is the way to go! We went to my hometown and spent time with my family. The Chef did not cook anything, although I made a side dish. He enjoyed that immensely. πŸ™‚


      • That’s really nice, returning to family for the holidays can be a nice break at times. Hmmm, what was the side dish? πŸ™‚ But yeah, simple and delicious is the way to go!



      • Oh, I hope your grandpa feels better. I know, this is an odd time, my mom is in the hospital and I am taking care of my dad (not close). But I’m glad you had a good one.

        The dish looks interesting… πŸ™‚


      • Thanks. He had a stroke two weeks ago. He’s eighty-six and has mild dementia. He and my grandma have been married for sixty-one years, and I hate seeing her sad and worried!

        I hope that your mom is doing okay. It is really hard having family members in the hospital during such a relentlessly “festive” time of the year.

        The Cranberry Relish was very, very good. Especially the next day.


      • Oh I’m sorry to hear he had a stroke. I can only imagine how worried your grandma is. 61 years of marriage, awww. So sweet. My parents have been together for 51 and I thought that was forever haha.

        Well I wish him a speedy recovery.

        My mom is getting better everyday. But it is tough to have relatives in the hospital during this time, especially for them I think. But haha, it is relentlessly “festive,” great description.

        It so is….

        Ah. The next day for freshly cooked dishes!

        (Always the best!)


      • Yes, coupled with dementia which has just gotten worse since the stroke. Not a great combination! I know that this is so hard on my grandma, and I hate knowing that she is stressed and sad! 61 1/2 years, which is pretty fantastic!

        I am glad that your mom is on the mend. That’s great!

        I am going to do some holiday decorating tomorrow. It is our first time celebrating the holidays in a house (instead of a loft apartment), and I am pretty excited. We have mantels! I am trying to focus on that in order to stay positive and sane!


      • Hopefully his therapy includes some recapture so he can hold onto memories. I’ll say, they’ve been married for longer and near everyone I know’s been alive. That’s beautiful…

        Thanks for the sentiments concerning my mom (me too)! Ready to go home, they live out of state.

        Yes, decorating in your new place! That should really lift your spirits!! Ah enjoy it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      • Yeah, sixty-one years is absolutely phenomenal. Unfortunately, yesterday we found out that his dementia will prevent him from recapturing memories. Therapy is basically useless for someone in his situation, unfortunately. So, it is a long-term care situation that we must face now…

        I am actually taking a break from decorating. It has helped take my mind off things, for a bit at least.

        It is so hard being away from family members at this time of year, especially if there is something wrong. My grandparents live three hours away, which kind of seems across the world right now…


      • Awww, I’m so sorry Maedez. So are you all having to consider where and how it will be best to care for him? Ah you poor Grandmom. I guess there has to be a focus of soothing her fears and sadness around this too.

        I can only imagine, this information must now be leaving you sapped. :[ And being far away is hard, here with my parents right now but most times I am in NY comforting and advising over the phone. It definitely loses something.

        Will you all try to visit for Christmas?

        My thoughts are with you and your family…


      • Thanks so much! Yes, we will all be together for Christmas. We decided yesterday to bring my grandfather home to the house he and my grandma share. He will receive home care 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, my grandma is not responsible for all of his care, she can relax somewhat, and, most importantly, she can be with him. We are lucky to have the money to do this (thanks to my uncle). We know that many families are not this lucky.

        Being 3 hours away truly seems like the other side of the world right now! I know what you mean: usually you have to make do with phone calls. Sigh. I hope that you have a great holiday season. Thanks so much for your support from across the miles. I appreciate it more than you can know!


      • Sounds like a good decision concerning your grandfather. Yes it’s a blessing that you all can make this happen, it will certainly provide quality of life for both of them. I think once people get older and sickly (couple) it’s best that way, if possible.

        Oh you got it!!!! I’ve been factoring into parents, grandmother, a few of these types of situations so I know how important and stressful it can be.

        Best thing is to continue trying to look at all positively, because attitude in these situations is huge. All the best!! xoxo


      • We think it is a good decision, but only time will tell.

        Again, thanks so much for being so supportive across so many miles. I appreciate it.

        I am definitely trying to keep my attitude upbeat, and as festive as possible!


      • Well happy happy holidays to you and Chef. And I hope you writing explodes this season. πŸ™‚

        My thoughts are with your granddad and mom.


      • Thank you!

        How is your work coming along? You are so talented, I know that you will produce amazing things in the coming year.

        My grandpa came home yesterday. Now it is just a waiting game to see how things go.


      • Definitely. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Well I am gearing up on the business/legal knowledge/etiquette of the next stage and beginning to reactivate partners who are already enrolled (relationships made for the short – Glo).

        It’s not my favorite part, but it’s like turning the oven on, choosing the pan, then mixing your cake mix, the cake requires all that stuff. So this is the stage where extroversion pulled from a hat, goes in overdrive.

        Very unnatural to me, unless there is already a liking established. Oh well.

        Oh your grandpa came home? Was he happy? Alert enough to be aware of this bit? How’s your grandma doing now with all this? I hope she’s holding up….

        I commend you guys, I know this is hard.

        But your stand for them is really lovely.

        And thank-you for thinking I’m talented, I so appreciate it. πŸ™‚


      • This part of your creative journey is so critical, and cannot be helped, but I totally understand why it is so hard for you. I need to have rapport with someone-or at least a sense that rapport can ultimately be established-to come out of my shell, even where my work (which is so important to me) is concerned.

        I absolutely know that you are talented, and look forward to the day when the fruit of your labor is out there for the world to see.

        Yes, he’s home. Round-the-clock in-home care for the time being. This takes the pressure off of my grandmother to do everything. So far, so good (although we are only two days in). They have him playing dominoes twice a day, which just cracks me up. I’ve never seen my grandpa play it before, but it sounds so cute. Apparently, when he plays he lines up his dominoes so that they are exactly even with each other. πŸ™‚


      • I’m glad he’s gonna get the care he needs, it’s super important to have dedicated professionals for his wellness and mental exercise. I hear dominoes helps with the mental flexibility over time, in fact word games, anything that will keep him engaged.

        But unfortunately not all health professionals follow the research, so I’m already impressed with his team of care workers. That’s great that he lines them up, haha. Means he’s interested!! πŸ™‚

        But your grandmother being as non-stressed as possible is good, cuz Maedez taking care of someone (when they really need a dedicated type such as this) can be alot of work. Plus if they didn’t get involved she may become obsessed with how he’s doing, instead of being able to take someone’s word on it.

        Thank-you so much for all the things you factor in on concerning my work. I am so, so, so, so, interested in you riding along with me as a friend and commenting or discussing what you see in them, and even how I’m handling the “pressure,” cuz I know….IT’S COMING. Lol.

        But how is the writing coming along for you? How is your new work space? All done? πŸ™‚

        One day I’d like to have some thing like that too, in a house.

        Anyway, you’re right – the business/legal/networking part of things is key and very important. It simply cannot be helped. I’ve tried to go around it since college (opting out of public speaking and manipulating a counselor to excuse me from taking it). O_O There is so much public speaking with directing.

        This is why, a 19/20 yr old should just listen to the old folks sometimes?! Lol.

        So you need to have that sense of rapport too huh. Hmmm, even where work is concerned (me too). So I try to find ways to handle that first. I just hope the team and folks I seek to work with let that happen.

        Nothing like comfort with those you have to work with. Without it, they have another you. Seriously. Right?

        Anyway, hope you’re having a good night. πŸ™‚


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