Writing Studio Tour, Part I: A Peek at Some Shelves

A peek at some shelves!

A peek at some shelves

A few details

A few details

Cat Toy

Cat Toy

17 thoughts on “Writing Studio Tour, Part I: A Peek at Some Shelves

  1. I enjoyed your picks. Always interesting to see what others are reading–you appear to read more nonfiction. I wrote a piece recently called Decorating with Books on my blog due to having more books than nearly anything else in the apt.! We do have many bookshelves as well. Book madness…so it goes! (as Kurt Vonnegut used to write.)


    • Although you are correct that I own and read more nonfiction, these books are just a fraction of my collection. They represent the following categories: Bloomsbury/Beat Generation/Misc. Literary History/Artist and Author Bios and Autobios/Resource Books/Other Bios and Autobios/Jane Austen/Shakespeare/Vonnegut/G.B. Shaw/Punk Rock/Plays/Poetry/Short Stories/Anthologies/Film/English History/World History/American History/Historical Fiction. I am a little obsessive with my categorization, I guess. Anyway, most of my fiction books live on another book case.

      I will definitely check out your piece on decorating with books, that is right up my alley. A house or apartment is not really a home without lots of books scattered about, is it?

      Thanks for the Kurt mention. He is one of my favourites!


    • I have 150+, and it is always growing. I bought those 1930s and 1940s movie books, which are obviously part of a series, at two different bookstores in two different states. It was totally meant to be!

      That George Sand bio is great.


  2. A girl after my own heart you are but I am not as organized as you, plus I have libraries, albeit small ones, in two homes. I am starting to remember which book is where. I also just got back from four days in Utah and my main purchases were books, memoir and history.


    • I am extremely organized with my books, not only because it is my nature but because I have so many books that I could not keep track of them otherwise.

      I hope you had a nice time in Utah. Which books did you buy, if I may ask? You know that I am nosy about these things!


      • You are not being nosy at all, you are being a bibliophile! I bought Jeannette Walls’ “Half Broke Horses” as she also wrote “The Glass Castle” and they are wonderfully written. She was interviewed in Poets and Writers recently. I admired her forgiveness and care of her mother. I also bought “Everett Ruess – A Vagabond for Beauty” by W.L. Rusho. Ruess was a wanderer, artist and writer. He was only 20 when he disappeared in Utah. It is a collection of letters to friends and family. I also bought a little memoir of a Mormon family who lived in the area that is now Capitol Reef National Park and “Dwellers of the Rainbow, the Fremont Culture of Capitol Reef Country”. Sound interesting? You can ask anytime or I will just volunteer until you say “enough already!”.


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