Voices from the Grave #76: Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe Discuss Their Upcoming Nuptials

Great intellectual writers have personal lives, too.


13 thoughts on “Voices from the Grave #76: Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe Discuss Their Upcoming Nuptials

    • I actually think that Marilyn had dozens of sides. After all, she was human. (He was certainly complex, too.) She had every right to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, the press made that difficult for her.


  1. Marilyn seems to have an allure that fascinates alot of people, but whenever I see her live (video), I feel scared for her. Like she is little girl lost. Arthur Miller was very handsome, they seem odd, but only b/c he seems very adult and she seems like a vulnerable school girl. But I read somewhere alot of what the public saw by way of actions in Marilyn was also “acting.”

    What do you think?


    • I could write volumes about this subject, actually. She was stronger than she came off, though certainly her vulnerability was genuine, too. This is the woman, after all, who took on the Hollywood system and won previously unheard of concessions for a performer. Their relationship was certainly complex, to say the least. He is one of my favourite playwrights, and I do find Marilyn fascinating. I think this helps me to have a more even-handed view of things. Most people are so rabidly for one or the other that all sense is lost.


      • Yes she did, for Ella. I know about that, and she was with Arthur Effin Miller. Lol. So she definitely was not a light weight. Alot of very surprising stuff about her.

        But I also go by a person’s aura and what is captured when it’s candid, to tell you the truth.

        It appeared from what I read that she didn’t die with people she could count on around and was very sad at that point? But who knows you can’t believe everything you read. However I wanted to know what happened to her so I called my self reading up, and it haunted me. Some of it, told of what I sensed.

        But she does seem like she was mentally pretty deep, I’m not sure how much of that the public was exposed to at the time though…


      • So much crap has been written about her that you need to wear hip waders to slog your way through.

        As for those questionable people, I think that her last psychiatrist and housekeeper were right at the top of that list.


      • Yes. I agree concerning her psychiatrist and housekeeper. I stopped reading stuff about her, cuz I find it a little heart breaking. But her life (end) also serves as a word to the wise.

        True friends are hard to maintain, but finding some is important. It just…is.


      • Oh, in many ways hers is a cautionary tale. But there is much to celebrate, as well. She accomplished a great deal, and from very humble beginnings.

        I agree. True friends are hard to come by, but incredibly important to one’s well-being.


      • Of course. There is always something to celebrate, and something to learn from. And I agree concerning true friends (on both counts).

        Hope all is well… 🙂


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