Daily Prompt: Standout

The best way for a short girl to stand out in a crowd is by having a bright red mohawk. Trust me, it works like a charm. Just don’t try to talk to her; she might bite.*

This is brought to you by the Daily Prompt: Standout. When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could fade into the woodwork?

**Okay, so I don’t really bite. I’m pretty sure this is true of most mohawk-sporting lasses. I am totally comfortable with you staring at me, but will become a googly-eyed mess if you engage me in small-talk. Unless the conversation is about books or dead writers, then I say, “Stranger, bring it on!”

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Standout

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  2. The only way I would stand out in a crowd would be if I got a red mohawk or fell over in a dead faint making small talk. But I am actually pretty good at small talk so maybe someone will walk away from an occasion and think “Who was that nice lady who talked to me?”


    • I am really not very good at small talk, and that is okay. I am so tiny that I get lost in crowds, but I am still pretty noticeable because of my fill-in-the-blank hairstyle (which changes a lot, although it really is a bright red mohawk right now).

      I am sure you are very, very nice and interesting to talk to in person, just as you are on here.


    • Although that is very sound and logical advice, small talk is almost always awkward for me. It just is not my cup of tea, and I am too old to worry about it anymore.


      • So, how’s the weather? haha. I wasn’t actually giving advice 🙂 I was saying there’s no winning in those awkward situations. Once when working at a health food store I made the mistake of asking about this guy’s life out of boredom. he then asked why I always wore torn jeans (I was a hipster painter back then). Not being good at small talk I just laughed and said,well, I work at a health store, not big money. He came back the next day with a new wardrobe for me. Awkward. Acid washed jeans and pink sweaters.


      • Even if it was not meant as such, it was very good advice for those who are able to follow it! 🙂

        That is a really remarkably creepy story. I had lots of weird encounters when I worked in a grocery store deli at 19-20, but nothing like that.


      • At the time the thing I found most insulting was that he thought I might actually like acid-washed jeans when I was strictly a 501 Levi’s sort of person (whatever that is).

        Looking at your elegant gravatar picture it’s funny thinking of you slicing ham–I hope you didn’t have to wear a hair net 🙂


      • Acid-washed jeans. Oh, my.

        Well, thank you. Although I really do not know how elegant I was at 19. I did not have to wear a hair net, but did have to suffer the indignity of being hit on by a lot of creepy dudes on a daily basis. Social boundaries were not much in evidence there.


    • It is funny, because although I have had some intensely interesting conversations with strangers/new acquaintances my awkwardness rarely abates. Only if I have some kind of freaky, instantaneous rapport with someone (which happens from time to time) does it feel natural. It usually takes many encounters for the awkwardness to abate. So, one-time meetings with people are usually incredibly awkward for me. I mean, to the point that people often think English is not my native language awkward.

      Unless I have been drinking, of course. 🙂


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