Shallow, Temporarily

Hey, you! I’m kicking up my heels with The Chef this week. Kind of like this:

12th Street Rag

Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers and Nancy Carroll in ‘Close Harmony,’ 1929.

He’s going out-of-town on business until mid-May, so I am enjoying his  company whilst I can. Posts will keep coming, every day, as usual. They just won’t be deep or wordy. Think of them as tasty bites, snacks to sustain you between meals. Things will be back to normal starting on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Shallow, Temporarily

  1. Hmmm, as I analyze this, it strikes me that the posts won’t be deep or wordy but “tasty bites” while the Chef is gone. Which leads to the impression that you will be kicking up your heels too much. Which is exactly what I would do.


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