Inspiration Board-9th March 2013

Today my muses are spread so far across the map that there really is no map. Yay for eclectic inspiration. Enjoy!

I cannot get enough of John Grant’s new song, Pale Green Ghosts. It is the soundtrack for my packed writing weekend.

17 thoughts on “Inspiration Board-9th March 2013

      • You have a good eye for it, and as always, an expert on the subject matter. I enjoy them. So I say, a resounding YES!!


      • Thanks, Elisa! You should see my real life inspiration boards. I have several on the walls of my studio, and they are all crammed. For some reason, my OCD is not bothered by their haphazard nature.


  1. That portrait of Mina Loy is great. I paint as well as write. When I’ve finished the first draft of my (third) novel, I’m going to give myself a month off to paint and this ethereal effect is exactly what I want to achieve.


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