Voices from the Grave #49: Gregory Corso Discusses Jack Kerouac

Beat poet and interesting character Gregory Corso discusses Jack Kerouac.

2 thoughts on “Voices from the Grave #49: Gregory Corso Discusses Jack Kerouac

  1. Love Corso. I love him Welch, Kaufman, Harold Norse. Perhaps the more eccentric, the better for me. It was great to see Gregory talk a bit about Kerouac -who is also a big influence on my writing. Tristessa, Desolation Angels, Some of The Dharma . . . maybe not a poet but definitely poetic as Corso says. And, oh, how I love Corso, separating Morrison and other lyricists from true poets. Wonderful little clip.


    • The more eccentric, the better almost every time. I think that Corso was so riveting, especially in this interview. I couldn’t look away, and I listened to every word. The bit you highlighted about Morrison and Kerouac really struck me as completely on the money the first time I watched the clip.


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