Voices from the Grave #46: Truman Capote on The Dick Cavett Show

Truman Capote (and Groucho Marx!) on The Dick Cavett Show, May 25, 1971.


4 thoughts on “Voices from the Grave #46: Truman Capote on The Dick Cavett Show

  1. Wonderful video. I had no idea he didn’t graduate from high school. The argument for teaching arts goes way back, but I agree with what he says. However, I think it is still absolutely necessary to educate oneself in the history of art as well as in what is contemporary.


    • I have to stop myself from posting Truman Capote videos in VFTG. If left to my own devices, he’d be on here 3 times a month. I love to listen to him talk.

      I think that teaching art in all levels of school is highly important, mostly for the sake of non-artists, but I also believe that you cannot teach someone to be an artist or a writer. The desire to do these things is inborn: you are or you aren’t. Knowing the basics is critical, though, because in order to break the rules most effectively you must know that the rules exist (and what they are). I’m going to go make a cuppa now, as I have been nattering on whilst half-asleep.


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