A Reading List a Mile Long: Daedalus Books Fall Shorts 2012

Let’s get straight to the good stuff, no filler or fluff.

  1. Beginning with My Streets: Essays and Recollections by Czeslaw Milosz
  2. Convertible Houses by Amanda Lam & Amy Thomas
  3. EYEWITNESS American Originals from the National Archives Gripping Eyewitness Accounts of Moments in U.S. History by Stacey Bredhoff
  4. Brilliant Women 18th Century Bluestockings by Elizabeth Eger & Lucy Peltz
  5. Matthew Boulton Selling What the World Desires by Shena Mason
  6. The Last Explorer Hubert Wilkins: Hero of the Great Age of Polar Exploration by Simon Nasht
  7. Kafka’s Soup A Complete History of World Literature in 14 Recipes by Mark Crick
  8. From Johnson’s Kids to Lemonade Opera: The American Classical Singer Comes of Age by Victoria Etnier Villamil
  9. Literary Hoaxes An Eye-Opening History of Famous Frauds by Melissa Katsoulis
  10. Romantics and Revolutionaries Regency Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery, London-Introduction by Richard Holmes
  11. Red Princess A Revolutionary Life by Sofka Zinovieff
  12. The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire by Jack Weatherford
  13. Scoundrels in Law The Trials of Howe and Hummell, Lawyers to the Gangsters, Cops, Starlets, and Rakes Who Made the Golden Age by Cait Murphy
  14. To Tell the Truth Freely The Life of Ida B. Wells by Mia Bay
  15. Storyteller The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl by Donald Sturrock
  16. A Wild Perfection The Selected Letters of James Wright Edited by Anne Wright & Saundra Rose Maley
  17. The Woman Who Shot Mussolini by Frances Stonor Saunders
  18. Odysseus A Life by Charles Rowan Beye

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