A Year in Books/Day 171: Walking with Garbo

  • Title: Walking with Garbo Conversations and Recollections
  • Author: Raymond Daum
  • Editor and Annotator: Vance Muse
  • Year Published: 1991 (HarperCollinsPublishers)
  • Year Purchased: 1993
  • Source: Unknown
  • About: Greta Garbo. The Swedish Sphinx. She of eternal mystery. One half of the most famous screen (and real-life, but that’s another story) couple of the 1920s. The great actress may have valued her privacy, both before and after retirement, but she was no shut-in. She certainly had friends and lovers, especially after her 1941 retirement from the screen. For decades, Garbo sighting was a pastime unique to New Yorkers. Walking with Garbo does not dredge up scandal or sling dirt. If anything, it is a sweet and respectful love letter to the woman Raymond Daum was close friends with for two decades. He claims to have carefully recorded her words after every conversation. It is impossible to tell how much truth is contained in the words he has assigned Garbo, but it is an interesting concept. For doubters, the rest of the book holds its own allure: lovely photographs and a biography are spaced seamlessly between the passages containing the icon’s purported thoughts and opinions. It is a handsome and well-done volume, printed on high-quality paper with a beautiful layout. Even the jacket design is exceptional.
  • Motivation: I feel as if I should use short hand to describe my motivation in buying silent movie-related books, as I have so many. That would be too easy, however, so I will continue trying to keep it fresh. Garbo. That’s reason enough to buy any book, regardless of anything else. Garbo.
  • Times Read: 3 or 4
  • Random Excerpt/Page 16: “For years, I have privately treasured  the gift of Garbo’s words to me (which appear in larger print in this book), and they still provide instant and vivid memories of our magical walks together. I am happy to be able to share them now and introduce the woman I knew-so astute, warm, funny and completely herself.”
  • Happiness Scale: 9

    Greta Garbo, actress.

    Greta Garbo, actress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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