Voices from the Grave #25: O. Henry’s Message to His Readers

O. Henry’s Message to his readers, ca. 1908.

To my way of thinking, that’s a waste of good time!

15 thoughts on “Voices from the Grave #25: O. Henry’s Message to His Readers

    • May I have that on a t-shirt, please? I love doing Voices from the Grave, even if my mom thinks it slightly morbid. This O. Henry recording is the oldest I have posted. I have liked him since I was a kid and discovered he did time in the State Pen in my home city.


      • you were a clever, thoughtful child weren’t you?

        Sure I’ll put that on a t-shirt. I’m not saying when, but sure – you brought me in contact with the best old-timey voice ever. I’m going to paste on a mustache and use more nickels.


      • I was clever, thoughtful, tempestuous and odd. Oh, and very shy. But mostly odd. Isn’t his voice the best? As soon as I came across that video, I knew it was a gift that I had to give to the uncaring, ignorant world. You are probably one of three people who care, so kudos to you for not being in that other group.


      • I am indeed married. Newlywed-ish. There is a monocle market, and I am married to one of the few people on earth who wants one. He’s special.


      • Haha. True enough. Although my husband, The Chef, has been monocle comparison shopping for at least 6 months. He’s quite serious about finding the best one.


  1. The Chef here…
    I decided upon a monocle since my deteriorating eyesight can still be salvaged by the use of ‘cheaters’. But in my active kitchen ridden life… reading glasses just get in the way. A monocle is the simple solution. And it come with a lanyard. Win!


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