Diversions-15 April 2012

  • The Fictional Characters Birthday Calendar on Flavorwire  is the best thing I have seen all year! Unfortunately, I share a birthday with a character from Type-Moon. Oh, well, it is still a fun bit of fluff.
    • When I saw the amazing band Alabama Shakes in concert back in December, I knew they were standing on the edge of big-time success. Their free show at a local dive bar brought out a few hundred of us die-hards. My friend and I were lucky enough to spend about 40 minutes chatting with the entire band; we even shared pet pics with Brittany (she has a bunny!). Now their first album has dropped and the Alabama Shakes are everywhere. Including on Letterman. Check out this brief profile of the band on Bust Magazine‘s blog, which includes footage of their recent Late Show performance.
    • I’ve been doing yoga and pilates for years. When I recently saw my first pair of Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear  ballerina flats, I squealed. Meant to be worn while working out, they combine comfort and eco-consciousness with serious style. They’re slightly pricey (for me, anyway) but I’m eager to invest in a pair, as I know I will get more than my money’s worth. By the time I decide between the Amanda and the Daryl, I should have enough dosh to make the purchase!
      The Daryl in Leopard by Blake Brody

      The Daryl in Leopard by Blake Brody. Image courtesy of blakebrody.com.

      • The closer I get to going home, the more homesick I become! I’m really looking forward to my (brief) visit in early May. Until then, I’m stalking Etsy for reminders of Columbus. I love this photo by illumiquest.

        Columbus Ohio Downtown Photograph by illumisquest

        Columbus Ohio Downtown Photograph by illumisquest. Photo courtesy of illumiquest on Etsy.

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