Versatile Blogger Award

‘A Small Press Life’ has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Elisa of ‘Fun and Fabulousness’. We are pleased (and humbled) to know that you appreciate what we do on our bit of turf. Thanks to all of the readers who keep returning to see what we are up to. You are the best!

Here are the rules that go along with the Versatile Blogger Award:

Make a post with a list of 15 nominated blogs
Inform the nominees that they are nominated
Share seven items about yourself that readers don’t already know
Thank the blogger who gave you this award

Seven things you probably don’t care to know about me (so I’ll try to be brief):

  • I performed in NYC (Off-Broadway) as a teenager.
  • I learned to read at 3.
  • I am terrified of butterflies. Terrified.
  • My husband is a whopping 13 inches taller than me.
  • I’m an excellent from-scratch baker.
  • I’m a punk rock fanatic.
  • My “baby” brother is 16 years younger than me.

My nominees are:

Thanks again, Elisa. If you haven’t seen her lovely blog yet, you should head over there now!

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award



8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

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  3. Hey Maedez, I am truly honored to be signaled out for the award. It only took me 10 months to find out what is was! So, I want to thank your for reading my blogs. And giving me this award. Here are seven things you don’t know about me:
    1) I studied to be a priest when i was younger.
    2) I am afraid of heights, and of flying – so, I got a private pilots license.
    3) My favorite sandwich is Sloppy Joe’s – made with Bennet’s chili sauce.
    4) I have been married for 32 years to my hero.
    5) I have 10 brothers and sisters.
    6) I read the entire school library by sixth grade…and the Governor gave me a certificate for that.
    7) My favorite tea cup, my brother gave me back when I was at his house. Cups of tea, separated in time by 41 years- it tasted great.


      • Thanks, you also have lived a great life. I also understand you are a Newlywed! From my vantage point of omnipotence (granted by age, and 32 years with my Kathy)- have only one sage piece of advice. Stay best friends. Love fades, then it comes back deeper and wider, and as love grows, it uses that friendship to keep damns from forming! Okay, here that? It is my soapbox falling over! LOL Congrats.


      • Yes, although we are not exactly young-young (we aren’t 25, in other words!) and next month marks seven years together, we are still newlyweds! Your advice is excellent, and it is something we try to live by. We genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together. As long as we maintain that, I think we should be okay. Congrats on your 32 years. That is truly wonderful!


  4. Hey Maedez, Merry Christmas! My webmaster did some fancy things to my Blog, and now, you have to resubscribe to get notifications of posts. I put up a series of stories, And the last seven have Xmas themes. I think you will love: West 3oth Street, a Christmas miracle, The littlest Angel, The Rocker, and the Witch. I miss your “Likes”, Hope you and the Hubby have a great Holidays. Kevin and Kathy


    • Hey, there you are! I was wondering just last week what happened to you. Glad you and your blog are still around. I will definitely hop over there this weekend to see what I have missed. Merry Christmas to you and your wife, too!


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