A Year in Books/Day 39: Elizabethan Cross Stitch

  • Title: Elizabethan Cross Stitch
  • Author: Barbara Hammet
  • Year Published: 2004 (A David & Charles Book)
  • Year Purchased: 2005
  • Source: Likely a book club of some sort
  • About: Yes, this is a craft book. It contains 25 cross stitch patterns based on Elizabethan designs. Scintillating, I know.
  • Motivation: The Elizabethan is one of my favorite eras. I was piqued by the ever-so-slight historical bent. As an adult I can barely sew on a button. As a child, I was a very intermittent but quite excellent cross stitcher. Also, deep down, I know that there is a craft-beast waiting to be unleashed. If only I had the time. Apparently, I don’t. I completed a stunning pin cushion for my Grandma circa 2007. My second project ( a pillow based on a garden) has been in the planning stages since then. Sigh.
  • Times Read: 1 (or, as much as you can actually read a book containing cross stitch patterns)
  • Random Excerpt/Page 5: “The embroidery of the Elizabethan period is characterized by great richness and originality. The works are often more complex than modern ones, often on a finer scale and frequently allude to historical figures, but in them we recognize the beginning of all the embroidery we know today.”
  • Happiness Scale: 7

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