A Year in Books/Day 23: Leave Her to Heaven

  • Title: Leave Her to Heaven
  • Author: Ben Ames Williams
  • Year Published: 1945/This Edition-1947 (The Sun Dial Press)
  • Year Purchased: 1990/1991
  • Source: The Columbus Public Library, Library Sale
  • About: This melodramatic tale shows the unstable Ellen Berent’s twisted devolution from lovely, beguiling and charming young woman into a jealous, devious and vindictive murderess.
    English: Screenshot of Gene Tierney from the f...

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  • Motivation: I caught the 1945 film adaptation on television at 16. It stars the gorgeous, under-rated Gene Tierney, Vincent Price and Cornel Wilde. I found this book at the bottom of a pile of $1.00 clearance books at the annual library sale a couple of years later.
  • Times Read: 1
  • Random Excerpt/Page 72: “She knew better than Harland how serious this might be; nevertheless perversely she delayed to clean up their picnic ground; prolonging in every possible fashion these pregnant hours. She gathered the paper in which his lunch had been wrapped, burning it in the embers of the little fire, wetting down the ashes till not even steam arose.”
  • Happiness Scale: 6 (writing)/7 (plot)

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