ISSUE SIX-[R]evolving Research: The 103-Year-Old Singing Groups

This week brought our first real snow of the season, more reading (lots of it), and a new tidbit about J’s husband that should open the floodgates to a considerable amount of fresh information. All in all, it’s been a relaxing and productive period.


  • VICTORY: Reading at a pace that actually satisfies me.
  • HAPPY DISCOVERY: I discovered not one, but two “new” musical groups that J’s husband, R, produced. Both pretty prominent in their day.
  • FRUSTRATION: Directly contradicting point one: not being able to read 24/7.
  • CURRENTLY READING: Babbits & Bohemians: The American 1920s by Elizabeth Stevenson (see here).

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “ISSUE SIX-[R]evolving Research: The 103-Year-Old Singing Groups

  1. I’m reading Artemis Cooper’s Cairo in the War after reading two other books covering the 20s, 30s and 40s – an unintentional theme. I laughed and empathise with you about your reading time frustratiions. We’ll never be satisfied with the time we can allocate to our passion!


    • That is indeed true. Never satisfied. My reading theme is intentional, of course, but we are otherwise on the same page…and time period. I’m reading a book about the 20s and another about the Great Depression, with one of each to follow. I put a library hold on Hard Times by Studs Terkel. Didn’t expect it to be available for a few more weeks. Got it yesterday. Just came across what looks like another indispensable history book about the 1920s. Sigh. My reading list for this project is already quite long, but I expect it to at least triple. A few times, haha.

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