What Are You Reading in December?

What is on your reading list, as the days become darker and shorter? Do your habits change as the weather turns cold? I’ve been way too busy this month to do much reading, and I’m not going to be able to slow down between now and the new year.

Since 1st December, I’ve finished:

  • Labor and Freedom by Eugene V. Debs
Eugene V. Debs, 1897

Eugene V. Debs, 1897

I’m currently reading:

  • Ā e. e. cummings:Ā A Life by Susan Cheever
  • Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman
  • Beautiful Boredom: Idleness and Feminine Self-Realization in the Victorian Novel by Lee Anna Maynard

Which book on your list do you most look forward to reading, and why?

Please share with me in the comments!

29 thoughts on “What Are You Reading in December?

  1. I just read two books in two days…THE LAST WORD and WRITER IN RESIDENCE, both by Paul Combs (book 1 and 2). They were so much fun…bookstore, titles, books, books, books and more books. I have a couple books to finish but LETTERS FROM THE LOST GENERATION is kind of calling to me. But I need to finish, GERTRUDE AND ALICE, by Diana Souhami and ALL HIS JAZZ by Martin Gottfried. I’m half way through both of them and I want to finish them. šŸ™‚ I’d like to know what you think about the e.e. cummings book.


    • All of those books sound just marvelous! I love reading about the Lost Generation, so I’m probably a bit biased.

      I’m close to finishing the e.e. cummings book, so I already have an opinion. It’s not a “great” biography (few are), but it’s a good one. It’s interesting and enjoyable.


  2. Are you sitting down? I’ve never read Jane Austen (yes, I’m sorry. I’m so bad) so busy with Mansfield Park. I’ve been told I should have started with Pride and Prejudice but felt like being different and starting against the norm šŸ˜‰
    Enjoying it so far.

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    • I didn’t read Austen until a few years ago myself, so don’t feel bad. Gotta just do so at some time! šŸ™‚ It was Pride and Prejudice and it’s at the top of list of all-time faves. I’ve been anxious to get to Emma.

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    • There’s nothing wrong with that! Although I came to JA quite early, I know what you mean. It’s how I feel about almost every book published during my lifetime. There are so many books I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read (or even considered reading). I’m very much stuck in the literary past.

      As for Jane’s books…I love all of them. P&P IS great, but so is Mansfield Park. Emma is delightful. My fave is Persuasion, because I’m naturally contrary.

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      • Ah…so Emma is not bad then? I must say from posts I’ve read and watching the BBC mini-series I don’t seem to like Emma very much. I should probably let her have a chance to prove herself to me. But… …let me get Mansfield Park done and we’ll take it from there.


      • The character of Emma can be quite annoying, but the book is still great. It has a lot of non-Emma things to recommend it. Plus, she’s more complex in the book than in any of the television/film adaptations. I like book Emma waaaaay more than pop culture Emma.

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    • I touched send too soon… after finally finishing my thesis, I’ve got time to read other people’s books! I’m so excited! I’m nearly done with Queen Sugar which was on my TBR before the TV show, so I have to scroll through Twitter to avoid spoilers when I’m on there! Then I’ll get to Dark Matter, which I must read as quickly as possible since it’s in high demand at my library. šŸ™‚ Bad Feminist is a collection of essays so I read two or three a day.


      • Bad Feminist has been on my list since it came out. Are you enjoying it?

        I’m glad that you’re able to get in some leisure reading again! That must feel heavenly.

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      • So far, pretty good. A few chuckles and a lot of moments that make you go hmmm. Do share when you get to it. Oh, and yes, indeed – it really does feel great! šŸ™‚


  3. e.e. cummings by Susan Cheever? Sounds really good!

    I’m another one who’s doing some light reading this month. Just finished the amusing “The Rosie Effect” for our book club. Am now reading a quirky sci-fi novel called “Redshirts” by John Scalzi. I haven’t read much sci-fi, but so far this novel strikes me as quite original.

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