[Merrily I Read] Girl About Town: Educational Marginalia

Girl About Town

Girl About Town

My copy of Girl About Town has some interesting, and unusually informative, marginalia.

At one point, it belonged to “College Libraries” (“The Convenient Reader Service”) in Dayton, Ohio:

For Rental Only!

For Rental Only!

Fortunately, it doesn’t say anything about not using their property as a notebook. Otherwise, someone would have been in big trouble…and we’d be out a lot of useful information:

The Last Horse Car

The Last Horse Car

July 27, 1917-when the last horse car was used


the country with the oldest unchanged flag (Denmark)

Things go a bit downhill from there:

A Killing Frost

A Killing Frost…

“answer 1816 with a killing frost in several states”

New York. Phil. &

Penn. & New England State


I’m a bit concerned about this unknown person’s grades. Was geography their weak subject? Were they hung-over that day? Did they even pass this class? What profession did they go into after (their hopeful) graduation? How did they manage to bring a novel about lingerie models to school, but not a notebook? So. many. questions. And I haven’t even started reading the actual book…


Next time: Chapters One-Three of Girl About Town

“A bright, entertaining romance as modern and up-to-date as its title suggests.”

I’ll be the judge of that.

8 thoughts on “[Merrily I Read] Girl About Town: Educational Marginalia

    • Ha, I noticed the weird spelling of Alaska, too. I almost pointed it out in the post, but decided not to point out every flaw. Glad you noticed it, though!

      I love finding things in old books, whether marginalia or random objects found in between the pages.


  1. Reading you reflections on these scribbled notes is surely worth the price of admission! Still, eager to see how the book itself goes!


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