Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

A June day.

Stifling, high heat. Where: a few miles off a highway in Kentucky. Me: a fair-skinned person who left her hat in the car. Unsuitable adornments: a long skirt, heavier than the weather warranted, a v-neck tee, and sandals with wedge heels. Italian leather, well-cushioned. Made for sustained walking excursions, albeit safe, flat city ones.

I went rogue.

Half a mile up the side of a steep hill, through a woodsy trail. Climbing, up up up, like a pack mule. Sweat-drenched. Determined. For what? A panicky attack of vertigo, and a stunning view of a river I’d only read about earlier that day.

This view, this river:


Kentucky/river: worth it. A photograph I snapped using a single hand, buckling knees,  and averted eyes. June 2014.

A flushed face, drenched shirt, and fear-of-heights induced inability to stand up straight? A small price to pay, all for one decent photo and a story that later made my grandma laugh (thanks, mom!).

This is my entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

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  2. I am also glad you made it and gave your grandma something to laugh about and remember. Ah, you would not like it here then, maedez. I have stood on many a cliff taking photos. But I know when to back off if I am feeling the least bit dizzy from the elevation. You are the most fashionable hiker! Good for you.


    • Thanks!

      Yes, I do not do well with heights. At all. This particular site (which leads to the remnants of a Civil War fort) does not have a wall or fence between the open area and the start of the drop-off. Granted, it is not as if you’d fall straight into the river. You’d likely roll partway down a hill, and be okay. Not good enough for me, though!

      I was definitely an overdressed hiker that day. However, when we left our hotel room in TN that morning on our way back to Ohio we didn’t know that we would be hiking. That was more or less spur-of-the-moment!

      More power to you if you can stand on cliffs and take photos, without having your legs turn to jelly!

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    • Yes, but to be fair: these are no ordinary wedge heels. They are extra cushioned and are formulated specifically for walking, and not prancing around in. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Not to mention very stylish.

      However, if I’d known I’d be hiking up a steep, half-a-mile long path, I’d definitely have dressed differently.


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