Inspiration Board for My Current Short Story

19 thoughts on “Inspiration Board for My Current Short Story

  1. That is a fascinating inspiration board and the ensuing short story is, I’m sure, going to be unputdownable! By the way, how do you code an image collection like this? It’s what I wanted to do for my health and Klee post but have no idea how to.


    • Thank you. I’ve been living with it in my head all year; now it is time to write. 🙂

      It’s really easy. When you are doing a post (assuming you are doing a post the normal way, and not a quick post), you’ll click the Add Media tab. Upload all of the photos that you need/write the captions, etc. Then you will click on Create Gallery (upper left). Make sure that all of the images are checkmarked before clicking the Create a new gallery tab. Choose square tiles as the “type” and then insert gallery. Hope this helps!

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  2. Yes, you could definitely write a story around these images, maedez. I always enjoy looking at what you are looking at. In poetry, we do something similar – an “ekphrastic” poem based on a work of art. I wrote one based on a Diane Arbus photo.


    • I’ve only done the fiction equivalent of that once (and I didn’t realize that there is a name for it in poetry!). My story, “Beyond the Boneyard Gate” from last October. It was “sparked” by my friend Jennifer’s photo.

      I love Diane Arbus. I am sure your poem is fantastic!

      My current story is not in any way actually based on any of these images. Rather, these images are kind of evocative of the feel of the story. If that makes sense!


    • Thanks! You should try doing one. You’ll never look back.

      I love making inspiration boards for my stories. They are fun, and it is nice to see a visual equivalent for what I have in my head.


    • It’s funny. Normally I do not like naive art (it’s just not my thing), but I absolutely love this pig. Like you said, the tubular body/thin legs combo is so charming. Plus, there’s a need for something pig-like for my story. 🙂


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