Daily Diversion #168: Tartan Terrors

Tartan Terrors

The Tartan Terrors performing during the Highland Weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. October 2013.

17 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #168: Tartan Terrors

    • I don’t know, as I am not really into Monty Python (I know, I know! Fortunately, my husband married me anyway). 🙂 My husband wears a kilt at least 40 days a year, which makes me happy!


    • Ha! I had a very wrong first marriage, too, but if it had involved kilts it probably would have lasted longer. Alas, my ex is Italian. I wised up and married a man of Scottish heritage. I am quite happy, so take from this what you will. 🙂


      • Haha. My ex was Irish but hated kilts and Irish music. I don’t know why I didn’t run when he said he liked Bon Jovi and pointy-toed cowboy boots–the marriage would have ended a lot sooner if he’d ever bought the boots 🙂 He did encourage me to write though and I’ll always be grateful for that.

        My second husband is a real keeper. Blonde Lithuanian.


      • Yes to Bon Jovi and cowboy boots but no to kilts and Celtic music? NO!!! At least yours encouraged you to write. Mine did not.

        My second husband is a wonderful, tall redheaded Scottish-German (the latter by way of Barcelona, but that is another story) who encourages me to write AND is a chef. He is definitely a keeper, too. Cheers to our respective trade-ups!


      • German men are under-rated. My father was half German and a fantastic human being.My image of Barcelona is totally framed by the Whit Stillman movie of the same name.


      • I am half German myself, but The Chef is not too fond of that part of his heritage. It’s a long story: his Grandfather was born in Berlin but moved to Barcelona with his parents as a lad, and never went back. None of them did. So, although The Chef is from German stock on that side the preceding 2 generations lived in Spain. His Grandfather had 3 last names in his lifetime: the German one he was born with, the Spanish adaptation of said name, and then the ultimate Americanization after he permanently settled here as an adult. So, I guess it is easier to just say that he is of European heritage on one side, and Scottish on the other!


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