[Intermezzo] A Ball of Light*

We crossed the river, yesterday. We skimmed impatient hands across jewelry, postcards, record albums, tin canisters emblazoned with long-dead logos, crockery. My eye was momentarily entrapped by these shiny things, distractions all. The sun riveted its heat into my flesh, dribbles of sweat danced down my arms before diving off of my jagged fingernails to land in the grassy unknown, spent. My eyes, shaded, landed on a pile of ink and ideas cobbled together with old leather and faith. This fellow was on top…

The Plutocrat by Booth Tarkington

The Plutocrat by Booth Tarkington

He’s an elder statesman, this one. A First Edition. $3.00.

What a handsome spine you have!

What a handsome spine you have!

It’s true that he is not as famous as his older siblings, Alice Adams and The Magnificent Ambersons. Orson Welles never courted him. Katharine Hepburn didn’t ask him to the dance. He’s handsome and pristine, just the same. I have the perfect place for him, on the fourth shelf from the top. Category: American Literature, Classic. Welcome home, big boy!

Vintage postcard of Switzerland

Vintage postcard of Switzerland

A beautiful bookmark for $1.00.

*“The book should be a ball of light in one’s hand.”-Ezra Pound

6 thoughts on “[Intermezzo] A Ball of Light*

  1. Wow, great find! I need to go trolling the thrift stores soon. Haven’t been in a while. It’s usually a winter gig for me, when it’s too cold to be outside.


    • I know, and only $3.00. It is such a beautiful volume, too. (I am reading it already. Surprise, surprise.) I bought it at an outdoor warm-weather flea market across the river.


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